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Spread joy with animal-related gift cards.

Attach a dollar amount that your recipient can redeem for a gift card of their choice to make your message extra special!

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Discover AVGG and see how easy it is to spread a little love today with digital greetings and gift cards.


How it Works


Choose Your eCard

Access dozens of high-quality videos and choose the one you would like to share.


Create a Custom Greeting

Write a custom message for your eCard to send to loved ones.


Add a Gift Card

Attach a dollar amount for a gift card that the recipient can redeem for the location of their choice.


Happiness — Delivered

Using the AVGG app grants you mobile access to high-quality content guaranteed to create feel-good vibes.


Customizable Greetings

Choose the image or video you would like to share, and create your own custom message to share and connect with friends and family.


Gift Cards for Every Occasion

Along with your timeless, customized greeting, you can attach a gift card to celebrate any special occasion. Pick the dollar amount, and let the recipient decide which location to spend it at!

AVGG makes sending greeting cards fun again; they have hundreds of options.
— Hailey, 23

Start sending premium animal-related greetings and gift cards to your loved ones.

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